The End is Near

 I don't actually believe we're all going to die in a fireball of global doom but I am surprised at how accurate the Maya were at predicting major social change. Each of their Dynasties prior to their loss of power was marked by a huge social change that effected the culture. In some cases it was marked by violence but in others it was more of a shift of perspectives and cultural understanding. If the Maya were still around I feel they wouldn't be surprised at all to note the major changes in our society since the many wars and ages, particularly the industrial revolution, that have lead way to us as a whole now being forced to realize our effects and responsibilities to our planets natural resources and humanity as a whole. If I had to say anything the end of this Maya dynasty marks one of the most important cross roads that we as humanity face as a whole in our combined history. Namely how we intend to handle the major issues of health, rights, economics, and our effects on the creatures and nature of this planet. Do we ignore the signs of our abuse on natures systems or work to create a new culture that works with in the natural laws of our environment.  Do we continue to hold back our scientists, educators and healers allowing the sick become weaker, the poor to become poorer, and the ignorant to remain just so the rich can continue to be richer or do we let knowledge and empathy have a chance to blossom so that we can all have the ability to live full healthy lives filled with understanding. That is the cross road I believe we are at. I have faith that humanity will choose to follow the path of knowledge and growth but in the end we'll see. Its an interesting time to be alive. Thats for sure. 

Phew. Well you might need some fun after a rant like that so if you live on the Atlantic coast and don't have any plans for the 21st you should check out the End of Times show at House of Madness. I mailed off my paintings for the show and can't wait to hear about how they are received at the gala to celebrate the end of all seasons. I only sent off two paintings but they are both themed around the Maya.

This one is based on a tattoo I designed and tattooed on a fellow named Taco in my apprentice ship. I've always gotten a giggle out of it and knew I wanted to paint it eventually but never seemed to get around to it until now.  

This beauty is a reworked drawing from a design I created for a walk-in customer. I'd kind of hoped to have enough time to paint another version of her for the show that I have drawn up but the time never presented itself so for now this is a lone Amazon but she's pretty boss with her jaguar head dress and face paint. 

Hopefully the world doesn't actually end and I can get some photos of gala and these beauties hung with the other amazing work from the other artists participating. 

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