A bit behind

Man I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted. Shame on me as a blogger. I do have some fun goodies to show for my absence though so all is not lost. Enjoy some of the work from the past few weeks.


Cover ups

Been doing quite a few cover ups the past 2 weeks. I like doing them because they always leave you with a sense of accomplishment and pride knowing you helped make someone feel better about themselves through a lot of careful planning and hard work. Below is a sampling of some. I was able to get before pictures of all of them but the calla lily cover up. It was a cover up of an old english letter B on her wrist.



Today I only tattooed first timers. Sadly I didn't get a photo of the first one of my appointments today but Michael got his favorite college team logo. Hurray for North Carolina State University!

The other two lady's got things on their sides and we total champs about it. I I am bummed I don't have a better picture of the cross but you get the idea.


Robot koi

This tattoo for Spencer was super fun.
I looked at a lot of robots to make sure the two were as robotically yin yang as possible. Color theory and textures is mostly to thank for that. Hope to do more fun stuff like this soon. :)