Super Storm Auction Winner

The winner of the skate deck I donated to the Tattoo Fight Club  Super Storm Art Auction was Stacy. Thank you for participating in the auction and helping to raise funds for those in need. All the proceeds raised were donated to the Red Cross. I hope you enjoy the board its one of my favorites that I've painted. <3

The winner of the skate deck I donated to the Tattoo Fight Club Super Storm Art Auction was Stacy.

Under the Sea, part II

We did a good long session of lining out Jay's shoulder and chest. The octopus was a ton of fun to draw. Really excited to start bringing these to life and really tie them together. The empty space between the shoulder and peck is where we'll be putting the remaining tentacles.


Give me something good

... To eat that is :) Jerimiah had me tattoo his arm pits furthering his bodily tribute to cartoon dogs before he moved back to Washington state. I wish him the best out that way. Knowing he will always get a good chuckle from his arm pits makes me feel like he'll do just fine.

Under the sea

Everything's wetter take it from me. -Sebastian the crab

This is a study for a tattoo I am doing tomorrow. Pretty excited.

Cash for Cash

Volunteered some time yesterday at one of my favorite shops in Nashville, Kustom Thrills.

The benefit went great. Turn out was awesome, tons of amazing art and goodies were auctioned off. Including a small watercolor I'd done earlier this year. At least 120 tattoos were done with all the proceeds going to help Cash, a little boy with brain cancer.

Best wishes to Cash and his family.


Benefit Auction for Super-storm Victims

Hey everyone. Tattoo Fight Club is holding an art auction for proceeds to help the victims of Super-storm Sandy. I've donated the piece below. Also check out the other amazing artists work. Buy something awesome and help out those in need. If you're interested go to their instagram: tattoo fight club  or Facebook: Tattoo Fight Club.  This board is on an auction for this week and will end SOON.


DC Tattoo Convention

Time to start getting ready for conventions again. If you're in the area and want a tattoo or to just hang our get in touch with me:

Heidi Arata