The pits

Silly lil' jobber for Jeremiah Smith.


Here are a few paintings I have been working on. The traditional eagle is finished.

The Virgin Mary and Mayan Amazon are in their first stages. Excited to get them finished they'll be going in an art show in MD in December.


What a girl wants...

Every straight girl wants flowers and good guy by her side. So, here are some flowers I finished on Jessica's shoulder yesterday. As for men...

These man ups embody all of those female fantasies. Not sure who did the man ups photos but they are amazing and I am sure I will be using them for inspiration in the future.

Now where did I put that stash of chocolate ;)


Finished this ship on Rachel's thigh and started a sacred heart on Bart's neck. Pretty excited about both.


For My Sweetheart

This week I had two gentlemen come in to get something meaningful to them for their wives. Both we're interestingly enough also not from the area. Woody from LA got a cute take on Beans and Rice we came up with. While Joey from Orlando,FL got a single imag e from Norman Rockwell's Day in the Life of a Boy that we stylized a bit.

A Lil' Bit of Traditional

Below is some fun small traditional style tattoos I've gotten to do recently.