It's been busy around here this week. Here are a few of my favorites that I've done.


One for you and one for me ...

I've had a lot of BFF or mom and daughter tattoos lately. Here are just two sets of the few I've done lately.


Celtic > Tribal

The top image is what Tyler originally came in wanting and the bottom is what we finished today. :)

I do have to say though that Gerhard Weisbeck of Time Traveling Tattoo in Germany has been making me really admire and respect tribal designs. I have been attempting to convince my tribal fanatic walk ins to get interested letting me try something in this direction. No biters yet but maybe one day. Still check out Gerhard'swork if you haven't already. It's mind numbingly beautiful in its execution and style.


For his 18th birthday Andrew got a tribute to his Omi and Opi :) I hope they like it as much as he and his mum did.


Promo video

I love our promo video that Cavan Infante did for the shop about a year ago.


Play nice

I think people already probably listened when Bart told them to play nice but they'll defiantly be sure to now.


Cover up

Had a good time designing and executing this. We still need to finish the water coming out from around the snake.



Live free

The original drawing from my customer led to this tattoo. She was very happy it didn't look anything like her post it.