Gypsy Lady

So my friend Mike Stark has a thing for red heads and gypsies. I used Christina Hendricks as reference since she is one of Mike's favorite ladies. Played around with doing skin like Emily Rose Murray as well and though I am no where near her talent I feel pretty pleased with the result.


A family affair

Just finished these lung cancer ribbons.

Cute lil' blue owl

This girl sat like a champ for her first tattoo. She said it tickled her toes, thats a hoot! :D Pretty stoked with the adorability factor on this little guy.


Max Payne says it best

Thought this turned out pretty fun. I was trying to do something other than west coast script since I didn't feel it lent itself to quote.


"In the midst of winter, I found within me, an invincible summer."
-Albert Camus


Gamers paradise

A small collection of the video game inspired tattoos I've done this week. :) I never tire of doing things from video games especially the classics from nintendo and sega.

Got to Represent

Chelsey Barnes designed this amazing new card for me. One small step toward becoming the reputable and in demand artist I'd like to be. Can't wait for them to get in so I can start handing them out to anyone and everyone. :) Next step is to get prints, stickers, and my website up and running. In the mean time I'm working on the most important stuff cleaning up my line work and shading. Feel free to check out Chelsey's awesome design work at 


Slow week

It's been a quiet week at the shop and all my pre scheduled appointments have been rescheduling for this or that. Its nice to have a moment to slow down though. Just wanted to make sure that the blog wasn't neglected.


Agnew Ribs

Had a lot of fun with this. Loving my new liner. Makes life do much easier when things work properly. :)


My first koi

Pretty excited to have gotten to do my first koi. :) I had a great time doing it despite the challenges of stretch marks and not being 100% on the best way to shade the waves. Still pretty happy with it. :) Hope to get to do more soon.