It's all about the faith

It's a common theme for tattoos to represent the beliefs of the bearer. Each person wanting to show their faith and passion for the things they believe in is something I have always found a commendable trait. Here are just a few from this past few weeks that fit into what I am talking about. It's the south so most of it is Christian but I think all faith is beautiful no matter what the religious title it falls under.

Note: one of the side pieces is still in process

Coming Soon to Nashville

The last weekend of the month I will be working at the Nashville Tattoo and Horror Convention along side many of my awesome coworkers from No Egrets.

If you are interested in getting work done at the convention get in touch with my through email (amazingly.cute@gmail.com) or the shop (931.802.8319) just ask for Heidi :)

Even of you aren't interested in getting some work feel free to check out all the fun happenings the convention has to offer and come by to say hi.


It's all about the lil' things

I have been hammering out lots of little pieces lately. These are just a few of the many that have come through and even though it wasn't intended I realized interestingly enough that the ones I just chose all happen to be on women. Go figure. :p

It's an army town

So its bound to happen that I am going to do some tattoos about the subject. These are some of the military inspired pieces I have gotten to do recently. I really enjoyed the zombie half sleeve which was a walk in and took two sessions. He was just wanting to have a little fun but also recognize his time in the service.

Military tattoos always come with a story. Whether to commemorate their time in the service like Todd's piece with the combined medals from his marine service or as memorial to family and friends who served like Tammy, Tracy, and Josh's were. I always enjoy hearing why people get what they do and try hard to give them something they can be proud of.