Moving up and Moving on

I am happy to say that my career is on the up and up. With that progression comes the need for expansion. I felt it was time  to have a webpage built and since I do want to continue blogging I had one built into the site. Sadly that means I will be having to leave this one behind. :( I am going to keep it up as a memory to how far I have come and to give everyone who might want to follow me the chance to find me. I am honored to have wonderful friends, fans and customers. See you at the new site



Back in the saddle again

Time to get back in the saddle with posting all regular like. I feel like there is so much work to share that has been missed over the past few months and so many experiences as well. Lets see if I can recap a few of my favorites for you.

Hong Kong... Went there. It was amazing. Will be returning next year with the intention of doing a guest spot as well as seeing my family there. It has defiantly renewed with vigor my desire to travel more. I am looking into going to South Africa for a convention/ guest spot in January if I can gather the funds for the flight.

Got my knee ditch tattooed by Ricky Cavaness. I went with an image from Georges Méliès short film Le Voyage dans la Lune. I've always loved the iconic image of his man in the moon with a rocket in its eye.

Tattooed a bunch of awesome people with some amazing images. More on that later.


Convention. Convention

The Nashville convention was a blast for me. I had a great time hanging out with the artists from Kustom Thrills, Black Bird, No Kings Tattoo and the other amazing artists that showed up at the con. I felt much more comfortable and prepared than I had been at the DC convention in January so must be getting something right ;)

I would like to say thank you to all who got tattooed at the convention for helpin to support the artists. I know I got to do some fun pieces on some amazing people.

Done did it again

Forgot to post that is. It is amazing how fast time flys. It been almost two months since I posted. I've become a year older, had a small magazine article in empire of honesty( a local mag), been promote to co-curator at the shops art gallery, went to Florida, been tattooing like crazy and now I am about to leave to go to Hong Kong.

I can't tell you all how excited I am but before I go I want to make sure I share some of the pieces I have had the pleasure of working on.


It's all about the faith

It's a common theme for tattoos to represent the beliefs of the bearer. Each person wanting to show their faith and passion for the things they believe in is something I have always found a commendable trait. Here are just a few from this past few weeks that fit into what I am talking about. It's the south so most of it is Christian but I think all faith is beautiful no matter what the religious title it falls under.

Note: one of the side pieces is still in process

Coming Soon to Nashville

The last weekend of the month I will be working at the Nashville Tattoo and Horror Convention along side many of my awesome coworkers from No Egrets.

If you are interested in getting work done at the convention get in touch with my through email (amazingly.cute@gmail.com) or the shop (931.802.8319) just ask for Heidi :)

Even of you aren't interested in getting some work feel free to check out all the fun happenings the convention has to offer and come by to say hi.


It's all about the lil' things

I have been hammering out lots of little pieces lately. These are just a few of the many that have come through and even though it wasn't intended I realized interestingly enough that the ones I just chose all happen to be on women. Go figure. :p

It's an army town

So its bound to happen that I am going to do some tattoos about the subject. These are some of the military inspired pieces I have gotten to do recently. I really enjoyed the zombie half sleeve which was a walk in and took two sessions. He was just wanting to have a little fun but also recognize his time in the service.

Military tattoos always come with a story. Whether to commemorate their time in the service like Todd's piece with the combined medals from his marine service or as memorial to family and friends who served like Tammy, Tracy, and Josh's were. I always enjoy hearing why people get what they do and try hard to give them something they can be proud of.


Final Session on mermaid with sharks

I never posted the final session of the Mermaid and sharks piece I was working on late last year. I would have loved to see it in color but still really enjoy it in black and grey. It's one of my favorite pieces to date that I've done. I hope to do many more in this kind of style in the future.


And now for something completely different...

Lots of changes around the shop this one the least of which is I moved into a new booth with a new booth mate, Kim.

We are still settling in but I came in and repainted the booth to make it ours. It's pretty awesome what you can do with 3 gallons of paint, 4 rolls of tape and some time.


I have been wanting to do a price inspired by mandalas, Indian henna designs and some of the more current trends of stripling shading. Jennifer a repeat customer of mine brought in such a request. Today we did the first session on her arm. I am really looking forward to finishing it for her in a few weeks. :) pretty happy with my line work as well.


Catching up

Well so much for once a week. Haha we'll have to see if I can get better about it as the yet progresses. It is important to me to keep you guys up to date as much as possible. :)

A lot has happened this month already. I attended the 3rd annual tattoo convention in Washington D.C. with Ricky Cavaness, Cavan Infante, and Kris Roberts. Had a great time seeing old friends, making new ones, learning some new things and all in all realizing just how far I have not only come but how far I have to go.

Hit home running really. It's been a busy which is nice because I can try to implement all that I learns while its fresh. I'll share some of my favorites from the month so far.

Lots of changes at the shop as well. First art gallery showing of the year went well. They'll just get better and better from here on out. :)

Jay-Mean left us to work with one of his good friends who has just opened his own shop here in town.

I am moving into a new booth with our new artist Kim. Plus we have two new apprentices starting one for tattooing and one for piercing.