Catching up

Well so much for once a week. Haha we'll have to see if I can get better about it as the yet progresses. It is important to me to keep you guys up to date as much as possible. :)

A lot has happened this month already. I attended the 3rd annual tattoo convention in Washington D.C. with Ricky Cavaness, Cavan Infante, and Kris Roberts. Had a great time seeing old friends, making new ones, learning some new things and all in all realizing just how far I have not only come but how far I have to go.

Hit home running really. It's been a busy which is nice because I can try to implement all that I learns while its fresh. I'll share some of my favorites from the month so far.

Lots of changes at the shop as well. First art gallery showing of the year went well. They'll just get better and better from here on out. :)

Jay-Mean left us to work with one of his good friends who has just opened his own shop here in town.

I am moving into a new booth with our new artist Kim. Plus we have two new apprentices starting one for tattooing and one for piercing.

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