Not forgotten

So sorry it's been a minute since I posted. I have been swamped with work which is a great thing for many reasons but it does tend to make you fall behind a bit with the rest of the things you do in the world.

Anyways here are a few things I have done recently that you all might enjoy.

1. Bride of Frankenstein, 2nd session on Araceli
2. Gambling man, 2nd session



I loved designing and tattooing this gypsy for Christina. Traditional tattoos are defiantly some of my favorite to do. They just have a timeless feel that I can't easily explain. I honestly believe it goes beyond it being the main style of early tattoos in the modern era.

Traditional tattoos evoke the same qualities as folk art from cultures all around the world. The bold lines, simplified but strong designs paired with a very primary color palette really works toward that nostalgic timeless appeal.

Anyways both of us were very happy and Christina was a trooper to get it all in one session

A few inner arm beginnings

These a both first sessions I started last week. The bride of Frankenstein is on Arceli's inner arm and the Saint Micheal stain glass is the start of a religious sleeve on a GI who has some pre-existing religious inspired work on his arm and wanted to add to it with polynesian tribal. We're compromising by going with some stain glass motifs to fill the larger open areas before we fill in the remaining open spaces with more basic patterned designs; though I don't believe when we are done it will look very Polynesian it will still have a very stylized black and white feel.


For our Lord

This was an angel design for a walk in. I'm pretty happy with it. Defiantly makes me glad when people are willing to listen and put down a little bit more for a lot cooler product. :)