Back in the saddle again

Time to get back in the saddle with posting all regular like. I feel like there is so much work to share that has been missed over the past few months and so many experiences as well. Lets see if I can recap a few of my favorites for you.

Hong Kong... Went there. It was amazing. Will be returning next year with the intention of doing a guest spot as well as seeing my family there. It has defiantly renewed with vigor my desire to travel more. I am looking into going to South Africa for a convention/ guest spot in January if I can gather the funds for the flight.

Got my knee ditch tattooed by Ricky Cavaness. I went with an image from Georges Méliès short film Le Voyage dans la Lune. I've always loved the iconic image of his man in the moon with a rocket in its eye.

Tattooed a bunch of awesome people with some amazing images. More on that later.