The painting never ends

I am working on an old design I tattooed on Taco during my apprenticeship. I always really got a kick out of it and since the end of the world art show has a very Mayan theme I felt it was the prefect time to give another life to the image. It still has a ways to go and the date of the show is soon approaching but I am confident I can get it all done and shipped with the other 2 images for the show in time. Funny how quickly the end of the world approaches.

Started and finished this reaper study for Bart's arm. It will be a cover up so I wanted to test out how I wanted it to look before hand. It helps me focus more on each line/ area if I already have a preconceived notion of what I want it to turn out like. Granted changes are always inevitable between paintings and tattoos but it still helps to have a game plan :)

The other is a drawing from a walk in who didn't care for this version and went with another take on it. I still really enjoyed this one so I am painting it up in the hopes of inspiring a future taker on getting it tattooed. :) I will be sure to post it as soon as its done.

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