What a hoot

Birds are always in demand as a tattoo item. All of the images walk ins who wanted to get bird related tattoos this month. Even the painting was done based on a drawing for a walk in (we did something slightly different and I unfortunately didn't have get a photo of the tattoo to compare).

The feather and the owl with the moon are both cover ups. I have been terrible this month at not remembering to take before pictures so I apologize for the lack of comparison again. The feather is covering small foot prints and the owl initials.

The love birds represent the parents of the client. They apparently love birds and act like a couple still very much on love. :)

The other owl was for a long time customer of No Egrets. She and her sister have been coming to get work done by the artists here since we opened. This was my first time tattooing one of them and it was a great honor. Especially since this peice is for both of her grandmothers who loves owls. I love this owl. It reminds me of old tea coozies for some reason. I think it's the flowers.

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