M4, a cotton pickin' memorial, and sea serpent

Here are three tattoos from Friday and Saturday.

The M4 will be coming back the week after next to be finished. It's going to be all grey scaled so I will have a nice challenge keeping the 81mm HE mortar rounds and M4 distinct from each other. Excited to get to work on it again.

The cotton plants were a delightful challenge. I like how it has a nice night time feel as if your seeing the cotton plants by the glow of the moon. Really lent itself to being a memorial tattoo for a man who liked to pick cotton to relax. Still wanting to get my shading and line work a bit less choppy but I'm sure practice will make perfect given time.

The sea serpent was a lot of fun. The serpent is based on the sea serpents and dolphin forms found in illustrations and statues from the a lot of the sea mans era. I'm still working out traditional shading and composition but with each traditional piece I do I fall more in love with it.

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